5 VR App That Every Android Smartphone User Should Try

If you have purchased any of our VR kits, the next thing to do is download some of the awesome VR applications. These apps entertain you, add to your gaming experience and let you derive maximum out of our simple Cardboard VR kit. We list the top VR apps that you should try but we aren’t mentioning Google Cardboard as we assume you already have it on your device. So here is our top five pick.

1. YouTube 360° Video

If you stay hooked onto to YouTube everyday this is one app that you must try. It takes your YouTube experience to a whole new level. As the name suggests you would be able to watch 360° on our VR kits using this app. Hundreds of 360° videos are being added to YouTube regularly and so the party is getting bigger and better.

2. VR Showroom

A great app for any business especially for retail store owners as it allows you to let your customers experience your products in 3D. It can easily arouse the right desire and emotions in their mind help you increase your conversion rate and profits.

3. Cardboard Camera

Coming from Google’s stable it takes photo viewing experience to a whole new level and gives you an unmatched sense of depth. You can take panoramic photos using this app putting it way ahead of its competitors.

4. Arte 360

Travel virtually to any part of the world sitting in the comfort of your home. This app lets you experience famous sites in the world and offers breathtaking views. Their collection of short films will make you stand up and applaud the effort the team has put in.

5. InMind

A simple game that takes you inside your brain also makes it to our list given its overwhelming popularity among users. You would be able to hunt for the neurons that cause mental disorder and do much more in this game.

Your Virtual Reality experience has just started. Keep looking at this space to keep updated with this revolutionary technology.

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