Branded VR Cardboard

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Affordable. Entertaining. Innovative. That’s what your marketing and branding initiatives should be and they can be with the branded Google cardboard. Gone are the days of simply using sign-up sheets and boring company stickers to capture the attention of your audience. Your audience wants to be wowed, captivated, and invested from start to finish. With virtual reality technology, they will be.This is more than just slapping your logo to the side of a box. This goes beyond putting a branded sticker on a pencil and handing it out in front of a three-paneled cardboard presentation. The branded VR box is a transformative marketing experience that allows you to customize your VR cardboard into an interactive marketing display.Our complete line of branded VR cardboards are portable, lightweight, and extremely versatile cardboard viewers that allow for full customization. No matter your need, desire, or creative interests, we can customize your cardboard viewer to fully encompass your company goals. Begin to experience virtual reality in an easy, interactive, and extremely affordable way with our branded VR glasses.


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