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Remember when the most exciting game on your cellphone was Snake? Well, it’s time to usher in a new era of fun and exciting games for smartphones. Transform your smartphone into an impressive VR Viewer with the MeshVR Box! We have the perfect cardboard viewer for you. Our V1 VR Viewer is a flat packed/self-assembled unit that conveniently weighs .40 LBS for easy transportation. Based on the Google cardboard V1.0, it’s the earliest VR Viewer Cardboard model. All you need is a VR compatible smartphone and you’re ready to experience virtual reality! Released in 2014, the V1 VR Viewer i is most widely known as the Cardboard VR unit.

Watch movies, play the most engaging 3D games and enjoy 360° videos on the go with our V1 VR Viewer Cardboard. Plenty of research has gone into creating a top tier product thatnot only offers you the best in entertainment experiences, but also protects your prized smartphones in the event you get so excited that you drop it. We customize these boxes to help your brand engage with the audience and creatively grow your business.

The possibilities are endless with our V1 VR Viewer.

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    • Dimensions
      23cm x 17cm x 1cm (Flat packed)
    • Units Weight
      140 grams
    • Material
      High quality 1.5mm corrugated cardboard
    • Print
      Digital Printing Gloss Finish
    • Lenses Size
    • Compatible Smartphones
      Works with all Android and IOS smartphones with maximum screen size of 5.1 inches
    • Lead Time
      12 working days up to 1500 units
    • Minimum Order Quantity
      50 units
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