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Welcome to a virtual reality experience that is unmatched and unrivaled. With a few great apps and our innovative V2 VR Viewer, you can transform your smartphone into an easy-to-use virtual reality device. Since its release, our V2 VR Viewer has put up an impressive show and earned quite a fan following among corporate clients and end users. These ready-made/pre-assembled units are based on the Google cardboard v2.0 and 2nd generation VR cardboard model. Released in 2015, it has taken the VR world by storm as the users’ favorite Cardboard VR unit.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the fun experience that is virtual reality. As market leaders, we make use of premium lenses that can adjust independently to correct imperfect vision and offer the best entertainment experience to our users. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite 3D movie or be in the middle of a war game battle scene, unmatched experience is guaranteed with the V2 VR Viewer. We understand the brand value of VR kits and hence offer tailored kits to our corporate clients at the most competitive price.

With the V2 VR Viewer, you can adapt to the world of virtual reality and do it in style.

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    • Dimensions
      15cm x 9cm x 5.5cm
    • Units Weight
      118 grams
    • Material
      High quality 1.5mm-1.8mm corrugated cardboard
    • Print
      Digital Printing Gloss Finish
    • Lenses Size
    • Compatible Smartphones
      Works with all Android and IOS smartphones with maximum screen size of 6 inches
    • Lead Time
      12 working days up to 1500 units
    • Minimum Order Quantity
      50 units
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