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Are you looking for a portable, lightweight and versatile cardboard viewer? Well, look no further than our V3 VR Viewer. The V3 VR Viewer will transform your VR experience from mediocre a whole new level. With the V3, it is now easier and more exciting to enjoy the best 3D movies, games, apps, and 360 degree videos. The V3 VR Viewer is a flat packed/Pop up unit that is convenient .30 lbs, making it our lightest viewer of all. As one of our newest designs, it allows users to enjoy the amazing benefits of both the V1 and the V2 VR Viewer. We have designed this VR viewer impressively to ensure that it blocks out peripheral light thus enhancing your viewing experience. From its light weight to its innovative pop up design, it is extremely user friendly experience.

Along with the V1 and V2, the V3 is also fully customizable, allowing you to brand the viewer to meet your specific design and style needs. This is perfect for putting a unique spin on branding and marketing campaigns. If you want to brand the V3 VR Viewer, just asked and we we will gladly tailor it to your specific needs.Make a strong impression with your audience and clients with the new V3 . It offers users the perfect VR experience on the move.

Get ready, get set, and go with our V3 VR Viewer!

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    • Dimensions

      24cm x 16cm x 1.2cm (Flat packed)

    • Units Weight
      180 grams
    • Material
      High quality 1.5mm-1.8mm corrugated cardboard
    • Print
      Digital Printing Gloss Finish
    • Lenses Size
    • Compatible Smartphones
      Works with all Android and IOS smartphones with maximum screen size of 5.5 inches
    • Lead Time
      12 working days up to 1500 units
    • Minimum Order Quantity
      100 units
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