What is a Cardboard VR Box?

It is asimple and inexpensive kit that allows you to experience the magic and possibilities with Virtual Reality. Our boxes are centred on Google’s virtual reality kit and we offer you an unmatched experience.

What are these boxes used for?

You can enjoy Virtual Reality in the most inexpensive manner using these boxes. You can play a 3D game or watch a 3D movie without having to spend a fortune. Apart from this, there are many interesting possibilities with this new technology. ‘Sky is the only limit as developers around the world are extending these possibilities.

Is my smartphone compatible with your VR Box?

OurVR Viewers are compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones. They are tailored to easily accommodate phones of different screen dimensions. If you still have any specific queries about your device, please contact our Customer Support Team.

What App should I download?

Google’s Cardboard app is the most popular app for VR experience. However, there are a number of other equally good apps that let you take your experience to a whole new level. You can download and try them.To check out some exciting apps you can visit our Apps Page.

Why do you have three different VR Viewer?

Customer needs and aspirations are different and hence we offer you three different products with inherent specs and features. Visit our Product Page and read the features carefully to know which one suits your needs and aspirations.

Do I need to detach my phone from its case?

Our kit fits most smartphones with or without the case. Most standards cases and covers easily fit into our VR box. However certain types of cases may not allow you fit your phone inside the kit and hence you may be required to detach the phone from the case to enjoy the best VR experience.

I wear glasses; can I use this VR Box?

You would be able to conveniently use our product along with your glasses. Some customers may need to cut flaps on the side of the cardboard to create space for their glasses and it can be easily done.

Can my kids use this?

Yes, they can enjoy the VR experience but it should be under strict adult supervision. We aren’t liable for any injuries and mishaps to your kids and hence you should exercise caution before letting them use the VR box.

What tools do I need to assemble the VR Box?

You don’t need any tools to assemble the kit that we send you. Just read the instructions that come along carefully and you would be able to do it without a hitch. All it would take is a few minutes of your time to assemble the kit.

What if my phone slips and breaks?

We provide you with a quality product and under normal conditions your phone won’t slip out of the cardboard box. However, if it does due to your negligence we aren’t responsible for your losses and don’t owe you any liability.

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

We suggest you to place an order with your correct shipping address you can change the address if the order hasn’t been shipped yet. If the order has been shipped contact our Customer Support Team to see available options.

Why is the experience different on different devices I use?

The VR Box we provide is only one element in your VR experience and the rest depends on the hardware of your device, quality of its display and other specifications. Hence the experience would be different with different devices.

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