How Virtual Reality is Set to Transform Business to Business Marketing

You don’t have to keep your head in the newspaper to know that virtual reality technology has taken the world by storm. Companies across all industries have begun incorporating VR tech into their marketing initiatives. Audi has created a VR experience that brings the dealership directly to their consumer, allowing potential customers the ability to build and test drive all from the comfort of their own custom VR cardboard viewer. Marriot makes travel feel seamless by allowing customers to take a 4-D journey to destinations around the globe. VR technology is beginning to set unprecedented marketing trends for business to customer marketing. But how can Virtual Reality technology help businesses improve their business to business marketing strategy as well? Through 2 main keys: market research and event creation.

Market Research

The major key to B2B marketing is driving customers to want to engage with the marketing and sales aspects of the business. The stage that marketers should be most concerned with is the evaluation stage. This typically occurs within the store. Though it’s hard to recreate the in-store experience, VR technology makes it a little easier to mimic a real life in-store scenario. Many businesses have used this technology to replicate the in-store experience to test out new products, items, and services.


The technology industry has cornered the market with product launch events.  This is good news for VR technology. In 2015, 67% of B2B marketers said that conferences and event marketing was their most effective strategy.  Companies are working cross-industry to create VR content for custom Google cardboard viewers. Through live streaming the events, you are able to reach a different segment of the population that you might otherwise have missed.

Now is the time to think outside of the box. No idea is too strange or too wild in today’s marketing world. As more B2B marketers are more inclined to invest in digital marketing than ever before, it would make sense to integrate VR technology into your B2B strategy.

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