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Day after day, virtual reality proves itself to be more than just a platform for fully interactive video games. It has even grown past the point of being a backstage concert access feature. Virtual reality has flourished into a technology that can be integrated into a variety of industries and practical uses.  From test driving cars to on-the-job- training simulations, virtual reality technology is changing the way we do business and sales.

One avenue in particular that has adopted the use of virtual reality technology is real estate. This should come as no surprise. Anyone familiar with real estate knows that the usage of 360° videos to show a room was a favorite feature for users. Now that virtual reality has found more commercial uses, here are few ways in which the technology has landed an ever present spot in the real estate market.

Long Distance Shoppers

Let’s say you just landed a job in Texas, but you live in New Jersey. Next steps require that you find a place to live as soon as possible. This requires taking time off from work, booking a flight, and traveling out to Texas. That’s a lot of time and money that you won’t get back. Virtual reality has helped remote home buyers find homes from the comfort of their own –soon to be for sale- home. Though it is still advised that you travel to the house before you buy it, utilizing virtual reality technology helps you to narrow down your choices in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

Open Houses

When you look on many realtor’s websites, you notice the 360° videos that we mentioned before. Those videos differ from virtual reality because you were still viewing the home from an outsider’s perspective. Virtual reality changes the game in this regard. With a simple headset or branded Google cardboard viewer, your field of vision is completely encapsulated by the by the tour of the home. This thrusts you right into the middle of the house, turning real corners and actually walking up the stairs.

Selling Pre-Construction

Nothing is harder than trying to sell an incomplete product. Think about your own habits as a consumer. Have you ever felt comfortable buying something that you had no idea what it looked like? The answer is probably not and especially not with a home purchase. Now, realtors can show potential buyers what the finished product will look like, well before construction is finished. This goes beyond the photoshopped images and buyer’s imagination. Customers, investors, and clients can get a real look at what they will be buying.

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